The World

We need to strike a balance between helping our neighbor and being a problem. There will probably be wars in many places, but we don’t need to get involved every time. To help negotiate peace as a neutral third party could be good, but we have many corporations with money to make based on who wins where, and that must not influence our actions. We should be mainly interested in peace and preserving life.

We do a lot to assist with natural disasters, and we should be especially helpful with close neighbors. In fact, we should cooperate most closely with our neighbors in the Americas and work for mutual prosperity, while also being careful not to let corporations dictate our actions.

Many countries hate us, and we need to be sure it is for the right reasons, not because we’ve killed their people in poorly chosen military actions. I’ll study each situation and keep you informed on my findings, and make recommendations for action, then get your response. There are many ways to be a good neighbor, and dropping bombs is the worst.

We also need to be more respectful in communications, and seek to really understand our neighbors. State policy is complicated by the great diversity of view and culture in the world, and my studies and experience from people from all over will help a great deal.