We need to step back from the culture of death we’ve created:

  • Abortion is legal all the way to birth, as was affirmed yet again in 2016. While most Americans do not believe in killing a baby past the first trimester, it has been legal for decades. Our freedom should not depend on killing the innocent.
  • Reduce military spending, especially for weapons too terrible to use. An immediate end to tactical nuclear weapons. Only intervene militarily when there is an imminent threat against the lives of the innocent. Avoid involvement in sectarian violence and proxy wars. Exercising this restraint will communicate a respect for life.
  • Encourage local police to respect the lives of the people they serve and follow our global example. Support community policing, leverage non-lethal technology to stop suspects where possible, or to better assess and defuse tense situations.
    • Support community programs to reduce gang and domestic violence. Our national example, a commitment to life, will encourage greater respect for each other’s lives.
  • End capital punishment. It is not a deterrent, and we have the ability to protect our people without it.
  • Reflect on whether the right to die has become an expectation to die. Physician-assisted suicide along with national health care is a dangerous combination.