There are some laws in economics, just like gravity and lightning in Nature. If everyone wants something, prices tend to go up, and if we lose interest, prices tend to drop. If the government buys something, the price tends to go up, and if we have to pay with our hard-earned dollars, the price might drop since fewer people want to part with the money. This is the market.

But sometimes government has to step in when human life is threatened. We need to be careful not to do this unnecessarily, but we also need to be careful not to miss an opportunity to preserve life, the environment or for peace because some corporation is seeking higher profits. Both major parties rely on corporate funding, billions of dollars, and cannot be for us. They owe too much to special interests. Those who claim to be for us still take money from groups who stand to gain by looking virtuous but really still making money in a hidden way. It’s all complicated, but electing people who don’t get advantages by favoring any side is a great first step.