About the Candidate

Ed Rushman has been leading information technology efforts for decades as a technical manager, project manager, or simply as a professional services leader. He has worked with companies of all sizes, local and multinational, from startups to Oracle (>130,000 employees) where he won the Management Excellence Award in 2013 while leading his team of consultants to a Customer Satisfaction Award.

He likes the Harry Truman quote, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” When the team wins, the team gets the credit. When something goes wrong, Ed takes the responsibility, leads the search for root cause, and works with everyone as needed to avoid a repeat.

A lifelong learner, Ed earned his AA, BS, and Masters in Business Administration while working and raising a family. His career has required him to be familiar with many kinds of businesses and his work with people of many cultures has brought a more direct understanding of the issues common to all people, and a greater appreciation of what America has to offer the world, especially as seen by immigrants and guest workers.

Ed’s independent study includes Economics and History, which he has found very useful for coming up to speed quickly when working in new or changing industries.

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Personal Life

Ed and Carol Rushman have been married 40 years and raised their six children in Southern California, the last ten+ years in Anaheim. Ed has volunteered off and on over all those years, often working with our young people in Confirmation programs.

He rarely watches TV, preferring to read news or books, although he has done more hiking or rock climbing in recent years, with family when possible, but sometimes going off into our National or State Parks for long walks or climbs in the quiet of nature, to pause and reflect.

Carol has been a powerful force in my life and the community, and together we are stronger than just two people. She is wonderful at things I’m not, with deep virtue and the strength to deal with what comes, including some hard financial times and the challenges of aging parents as well as the needs of our community. She has provided an excellent example for our children and I’m glad our daughters followed her example.

Raising a family with Carol provided focus and an opportunity to develop nurturing skills in addition to the technical. The family is a school of acceptance, patience and love. The lessons learned there translated to work, and experiences at work became teaching stories at home.

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