Republican Primary choice for Congress

Our district has been dominated by the Democratic Party since 1996, but there is a way to vote the Democrat Representative outDemocrats are 49% of voters, independents 29%, and Republicans are 22%. It’s no wonder that Democrats have won every election since 1996. The Primary election is top-two, so even when the Republican candidates survive the Primary, they still lose by 40% every time. Most independents in our district do not vote Republican. This year, there are three Republicans, dividing the vote so that the General Election in November will likely be a contest between two Democrats: the incumbent career politician and a self-described Socialist. You can see the details here.

Whichever Republican you vote for, they WILL lose in November, but there is another way to remove the Democrat from the House.

You can join independents in voting for Ed Rushman in the Primary. If Republicans unite with independents and Libertarians, it would be enough to take second place in the Primary and if even a small number of Democrats are unhappy enough with their party to join us, it is possible to win the General Election and remove the Democratic Party incumbent.

Voting for a Republican for Representative is a guaranteed losing vote. It’s that simple. It’s happened every time since 1998. Wouldn’t you rather win a little?

Voter guides are mailed at the end of April, and everyone will get mail-in ballots this year. Especially if you didn’t plan to vote in the Primary, please vote for Ed Rushman on your mail-in ballot even if you leave everything else blank, and mail it in right away. That won’t elect me, but it will get me on the ballot for the November Election. It will arrive after May 9th.

It’s frustrating when our vote doesn’t matter. But in the Primary this year, it matters.

Of course, please look at and share with Republican friends (it has a lot more detail). I believe you’ll find a lot to like. Subscribe, spread the wordand let’s get the incumbent out.

Money won’t get the incumbent out, it’s going to take the combined votes of Republicans and independents to survive the Primary. It’s a bold strategy.

Ask yourself: do you want to win a little this election, or do you want to lose to the Democratic incumbent again?

Questions? Alternatives? Text me at 714-340-5496 or reply to this mail and I’ll answer you personally. Subscribe on the Web site..I’d appreciate it if you answer the one survey question below, just takes a second to click. It’s going to take around 20,000 votes to win the Primary, and there are 70,000 Republican voters here, so it’s possible.

If a Republican wins the Primary, the Democrat will win the General. If an independent wins the Primary, the Democrat could lose the General.

Nearly 30% of voters here are independent/other, 22% are Republican, so together that’s a majority. If you join them in voting against the incumbent, it will send a powerful message to Congress, and I’ll be glad to deliver it personally for you. Or you can do nothing and let the career politician win again. At least vote this one office in the Primary, please!

I’ve been going door to door, so if we’ve already met, please text me and say hi. It’s been great meeting everyone!

Please look at the site and social media, including LinkedIn. We need to defeat the incumbent.

Thank you,
Ed Rushman
P.S. You can verify your voter information and district at, the Orange County Registrar of Voters.
P.P.S. Ballotpedia history is accurate, candidate list is not. The Orange County Registrar official list of candidates is here.