My Friends,
Something to think about: 330,000 voters received a Voter Guide with my statement, my phone number, and this site address in the mail. Only 803 visited this site, 1,260 voted independent (please e-mail, Subscribe, or text me if you voted for me). With a 24% turnout in this district, perhaps only the diehard partisan voters participated. As a percentage of votes, independent voting was less than half the previous election. See Primary Results (Results by neighborhood/precinct here)

You can click here to see my unheeded message to Republican voters. Their candidate took second place in this primary and will not get more than 40% in the November (general) election. 1,200 Republican households received a postcard with this information and given the results, most chose to support the Republican strategy of supporting the Democratic incumbent indirectly.

Perhaps voters are exhausted and felt helpless in the face of so much violence and screaming these past years. When I see a problem, I try to fix it. I’ve had success in 40 years of leading projects precisely for this reason. It’s very human to feel overwhelmed in the face of troubles, especially when assaulted daily by the media. I’m certain that voting an independent, a nonpartisan, into Congress is what we need and I hope some other district does better. It would bring hope, and hope can bring change. All the effort to make voting easier appears to be theater: voters won’t show up if they feel their vote doesn’t matter. And given the chance to make a huge difference, they chose not to participate.

What price patriotism? More than half my income for the year. My costs for this effort were $102,000:

  • County Registrar fees: $4,480
  • Campaign costs (flyers, postcards, slates): $4,859
  • Lost revenue from taking seven months off: $92,708

The slates were completely ineffective: 20,000 voters reached, no significant increase in votes or Web site visits. Media mentions brought no increase in interest at all. Postcards didn’t help. Going door to door, most said they would vote for me but then didn’t vote after all. What could we do differently to save our country?

How to Move Forward

I love our country and each of you enough to try again in a smarter way. This was my third run: if you want me to run in 2024, please Subscribe and we can spend the next two years building a solid voter base. If we can get at least 20,000 committed voters, I’ll put up my own money to run again. 20,000 votes is a safe number to take 2nd place in 2024. An independent who survives a top-two primary would inspire more voters in November. Remember that in 2020, 2/3 of voters who turned in a ballot left U.S. Representative blank. If we can reach them, we will have twice the votes of the incumbent. Do you want to make that happen? Subscribe. Can we find 20,000 voters out of the 330,000 registered to vote?

Original Site Summary
Ed Rushman photoI’m running because I haven’t seen a candidate for Congress that I wanted to vote for. I’ve raised a family here by working a real job, and owe nothing to a party or big donors. I’m not asking for money, just for your vote and help in spreading the word. I’m the only independent candidate in Orange County, so District 46 voters are the only ones to have an opportunity to reject partisan politics and career politicians. Please take a look at these videos. Ask questions in the comment section and I’ll answer. You can text or e-mail, too.

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I’ve made a good career leading projects for many kinds of companies, large and small, leading teams and providing guidance on strategies and technical design. The work includes cost management, risk management, vendor management, and a lot more, and there’s definitely some negotiating involved. My formal education is in business, including an MBA, but I love to learn and have studied manufacturing, history, science, and literature on my own, lectures and reading, for most of my life.

Spending and Fraud

We don’t really know where the tax money goes, but we don’t seem to get much benefit. Fraud is sometimes reported and always forgotten. The unemployment fraud in 2021 wasted $20 billion of our taxes and the fraud in Washington, D.C. is beyond any estimate. Those in Congress have no incentive to clean it up, and are rarely caught when they participate. Projects are funded, pay off for donors, and abandoned. High-speed rail is one of the biggest failures in history, justified on financial lies, wasting at least $33 billion and is now estimated to lose $100 billion, and there will be no rail, no benefit. Look for a tax increase to cover these losses. The incumbent was a member of the HSRA, which developed the failing business plan.


One advantage of the pandemic is that parents saw the poor quality education their children received. California ranks low in education but the highest tax rate, wasting money again. Educational standards are dropping further as those in power say programs for highly motivated students are not fair and should be eliminated. No wonder more parents are homeschooling or sacrificing so their children can attend private schools.

Business and Inflation

Look around at all the stores and restaurants that closed. In the pandemic shutdown, small businesses were hurt most, while a secretive, partisan “economic task force” advised the governor on pandemic actions. As small businesses are driven out, big business has less competition and prices go up. The destruction of food and oil production in the name of pandemic actions and climate has created shortage-driven inflation that hits working people and the poor hardest. Members of Congress can afford these increases, but working people in Orange County still have to drive and feed their families.


The first audit of the Department of Defense was in 2018. Up until then, there was no audit, no accounting of how the $716 billion in taxes were spent. That’s about how much is spent every year, and as we learned from Enron, audits are not always honest. The 2-year war in Afghanistan cost at least $2 trillion and every “accomplishment” of that war has been reversed by the Taliban. Pointless interventions have cost too many lives and created more problems than they solved. The partisanship of the military allowed generals to lie to a sitting President about deployments and independent conversations with China. The military is supposed to be under civilian control, through the President, regardless of political party.


The pandemic response was partisan, with experts and celebrities lined up to exploit human tragedy for wealth and power. These public figures, some in official positions, lied to the public in order to obtain a desired response. The worst public figures continued for more than a year before being removed from responsibility, and it will likely be many years before the truth is fully known, if ever. The biggest casualty of the pandemic may be the death of trust in government. It was already in decline, but the willingness of government officials and candidates to lie for the sake of power is shameful and should not be rewarded by additional terms, speaking engagements, and book sales.

Government Agencies, Police, and Justice

The FBI has been a problem for decades, and now claims 1.3 million are potential terrorists. Decades ago, they actively pursued political aims in programs like COINTELPRO, and while this program officially ended, it appears they are still up to their old tricks. Congress should demand an accounting and limit their power to shape American politics. The people should be in charge, not government agencies operating outside the law. Police departments use Civil Asset Forfeiture to acquire funds from individuals who have not even been accused of a crime, and many innocent people have been imprisoned due to prosecutor misconduct. Dangerous people are released into society and the poor pay the highest price for this, while cities burn, shoplifters steal, and more businesses fail. Those in prison often lose more than their freedom, being assaulted and subject to harm beyond the intent of law. It’s a failure for everyone unfortunate enough to have contact with the system, as a victim or perpetrator. Political parties use these wrongs as talking points but have no interest in real change, which would take away a valuable tool to enrage their followers.

No Donations
I'm not taking donations from anyone
Get the money out
If you want an honest government, tell your neighbors about a candidate who doesn't take money from anyone.
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A worker who raised a family here
Born and raised in So Cal, married 40+ years, six children, leads complex technical projects well. Strong understanding of technology.
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Justice Reform
Protect society from harm while respecting the rights of all
Justice Reform
- Protect the innocent from wrongful conviction - Those convicted and imprisoned should not be tortured or otherwise abused by guards or other prisoners - Wealth and power should not exempt anyone
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The World
Balance helping our neighbor and being a problem
Being a good neighbor
With great power comes great responsibility.
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Respecting all lives, no matter who or where
A culture of death
So much death: murders, wars, preventable fatalities, abortions, euthanasia.
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My experiences in the outdoors make me determined to protect it, not for its own sake, but so that all of us have a quiet place to go that isn't too crowded
Conserve, Reuse, Recycle
Protect our air, water, national parks, every resource.
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It's about confidence and trust that we've lost
Community Effort
We can do this together, but only if we eliminate the corruption in government officials. It shouldn't be about power, but helping each other be healthy.
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The fox is guarding the henhouse -- Balancing the laws of economics with the common good while reining in wasteful spending
Balancing Act
Electing people who don’t get advantages by favoring a side is a great first step toward a sustainable economy.
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  1. Have you seen 2000 Mules yet? It’s the easiest way to show people how the fraud occurred in 2020 as well as special elections.

    1. Not yet. There were 135,000 voters who left U.S. Representative blank last time, and the incumbent won with only 60,000. If that 135,000 votes for me, it will be very difficult for fraud to be successful, wouldn’t you think? We need to win with margins too big to be overcome. Let’s hope the voters make this happen.

      1. Between 2000 Mules info and what Seth Keshel and Bobby Piton have published its obvious they have many ways to attempt to steal an election. There are about 10 ways right off the bat. The question is, do they care enough about down ballot voting (cheating). When they cheated the RESIDENT to 81M votes they had A LOT of down ballot empty votes, because they cheated. I wonder how many of those in this district were fake RESIDENT votes. In order to overwhelm the system in 2022, the first, second and third priority needed to be Election Corruption campaign. That’s how to get those votes. Otherwise, it’ll be same old story, at least in California which is ground zero for election Corruption systems creation/development.

        At any rate people should be taking back offices at all levels of government. We’ve abdicated our duties and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in now. But we’re turning back the tide in many areas around the country.

        Best of luck today.

  2. Election Integrity is the number 1, 2 and 3 issue. I’m not seeing anything on that. What is your stand on 2020? Most secure Election ever or least secure Election ever…


    1. I’m concerned with the root cause, which is corruption and money in politics. If we don’t solve that, ensuring election integrity is impossible to achieve.

  3. What are your views on immigration and asylum for refugees? Clearly these are two separate issues, yet there seems to be great confusion here. How can we deal compassionately yet honor the laws? I appreciate your view on human life, and I believe that these issues are part of valuing human life.

    1. Refugees/asylum are the easier part of this and the U.S. has taken a large number for a long time. We are in a good position to respond as needed. It can be about 1%-2% of our population, which is high in terms of support: 50-100 residents to support each refugee. Even if challenging, it is who we are and I have no plans for change, but events could mean an increase (Ukraine).

      There is some connection with immigration since much of it is about economic refugees. We need a path to citizenship for those brought here as children or who otherwise cannot return for practical reasons. One of the many benefits of ending partisanship is to stabilize policies: refugees and immigrants should know what to expect and plan their moves accordingly. In the end, it comes down to individual lives and families. There needs to be a border as long as there is such an economic disparity between the U.S. and our neighbors. The most effective and humane control on immigration is to work for the prosperity of our neighbors so that people are not driven to leave their ancestral home. Many will still want to come here, but I believe most would prefer to stay home if they were safe from harm, with sufficient food, and with healthy communities. By the way, this response should go to your e-mail but we’ve found that gmail nearly always blocks the response or puts it in the spam folder. I hope you checked back (maybe reply to let me know you saw this?)

  4. My biggest prayer, is that you will live up to all you want to do – Just as President TRUMP did… Many things happened – (not fair) but he stayed true to his word – Hopefully you will too.

    1. Thanks! I can promise I’ll never take money from PACs, corporations, special interests. I’m depending on the voters to recognize this opportunity and tell everyone! There’s 6,000 votes so far and need 20,000 in the Primary to get on the November ballot. Estimated numbers, but we need to get all the votes we can… the honest way.

  5. That fat bald schmendrick Lou Correa is horrid. You seem like a reasonable guy, you have my vote, best of luck!!!!

    1. Lou is Nancy’s bootlicker like most all of the Dims. That’s no secret. But she’s going to be permanently retired in Nov.

      [They] don’t have the fraud infrastructure to cheat their way to holding the House. FLORIDA is going to completely flip +150k GOP registrations (thanks Pressler).

    1. Thank you! You can always text me at 340-5496 if you want to chat. Going door to door, it’s been encouraging, and I’m looking forward to comments and messages. Please spread the word, looks like this might be the year!

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